Windows 7 Hdd slow reaction


New Member
Mar 31, 2009
Had this problem since started useing Win7, didnt have problem in XP. I have 5Hdds internal ones on my computer, storeing alot of data. The problem is that if i havnt access the drives in a while say 10min they take like 4-8sec before i can access em, and i hear the, start up. Kinda sems like there either shutdown or hibernateing. This quit anoying whener i want too access a drive got too wait for it start up. Same when start game programs etc that are on the diffrent drives. Sems too be same problem for all the hdds. But yea once it started up again i can work on em whitout any issues at all. But is there some settings etc that turns off the drives when there not in use in win7?

Thx for info, got it sorted now