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couple a days ago my hp laptop system crash many times, I decided to make a backup to make a clean installation of the operation system, the backup was done with a bridge cable, and is in inside of another internal hdd of a loptop but I am not able to recover the data, I need help because all data is there, I connected the hdd where the backup is directly from the motherboard cable and run ubuntu without an installation and all my files are inside, how I can recover my data in this situation?, also when the backup hdd is connected with the bridge appeared in my computer but I am no have accesss to it, it does not say the data weight but say local disk with the letter of the drive, someone can help please!

thanks in advance


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What did you use to create the backup and is it an image? If it was Windows Backup and Restore was used, you might be able to access it if you boot to an install DVD and use the Repair option load a system image.

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