HDMI and Windows 7

Radeon 4600 series with latest drivers and catalyst.

Since this is a fairly new card with drivers for Windows 7 I cannot get the HDMI to work or for that fact a connection to the HDTV using HDMI. When I connect the HDMI Windows 7 goes to a black screen. I was thinking maybe I have to disable Aero. Since I cannot get to the display settings I cannot get detect a 2d monitor or the HDTV. Since one cannot detect a 2d without plugging it in and Windows 7 crashing when plugging HDMI in just how is one suppose to set it up?

This really gets to me since Windows XP auto detected everything when I plugged in the HDMI cord from the card to the TV and now Windows 7 crashes. I am really getting tired of Microsoft and their partner vendors. I can see older hardware having problems but not recent developed hardware and even with Windows 7 drivers not working. This video card supports HDTV but I guess Windows 7 does not. The display settings show the HDTV settings but I cannot authorize them without plugging in the connection

Its really bad when I have to install Office 2007 under XP Mode and that's the latest edition of Office. Does MS think everyone is going to slipstream programs so the original is up to date so it installs to Windows 7 when they are still using Office 2007 as the office program for Windows? This is one program that should have installed off the original licensed disk and afterward updated to the current Office 2007.

Well back to the drawing board to see if I can figure out HDMI and whether i have to disable Aero or not.

hi there, wow this long and still no reply.
I have the exact same problem only with an nvidia 9600 gtx card. Ihave actually had it with xp too. I assume you are skilled with pc's and wonder if you ever solved the prob.

I have tried updating all drivers etc, but no avail. It may be a simple fact to overlook, but have you considered that the power supply may be inteferring or just simply not able to handle it?

Well if you did solve it, hopefully you will reply, if not good luck

Check the manufacturer's websites...
Quite often there is a separate HDMI driver you need to download.
Especially if you want to do sound over HDMI.

Thanks CommonTater,
I never thought of checking for a HDMI driver, but did you mean the TV or GPU manufacturer?
I read on another forum that some TV's can only accept a computer signal via VGA. Any ideas on that as I tried a DVI top VGA adapter and the same thing happened.
Thanks Again

An HDMI signal from a computer should be indistinguishable from one sent from a HT switch or DVD player so this should not be a problem.

The one bugaboo is that many TV sets only work at a single resolution. 480p, 720p 1080p depending on the set. If the computer is not set to the correct resolution, you get a blank TV screen. Your TV documentation should tell you the correct resolution to set on the computer. (Control Panel -> Display -> Display settings)

The HDMI drivers are usually found on the GPU/Video card websites. Sometimes you will find them on the Motherboard manufacturer's sites as well. Google is your friend :)

Thanks for the advice, my tv is one of the earlier models, 1080i, i was more thinking of the refresh rate/resonance problems that may occur. I have tried to set my resolution to the equivelent of 720p, but unfortunately, no luck. Basically, i can get the mobo load up and windows load up screen, and then, from my conclusion, that when it loads the gpu drivers, it freezes. I have also tried the VGA but, it seems that a signal from my TV is just causing problems. If I may ask your advice, do you think that maybe an AV Receiver would adapt the signal, or should i just upgrade the gpu and power supply.
Thanks Again
Drew Willoughby

If you think the GPU is locking up your best move is to try it with a regular monitor and see if it works.

Also try something else on the hdmi input of that TV set (eg. a DVD player) and see if the television works normally. There could be problems with your TV.

You should also check the video card's specs... not all will do interlaced displays (the "i" in "1080i").

The thing is you need to set your computer resolution to what your television set will accept. It's not like a monitor, it doesn't adapt to whatever you send it. This means doing some research on the TV itself... the booklet that came with it (probably downloadable from the manufacturer's site) should give you a list of acceptable display modes.

Thanks for replying.
Yea, the TV will accept other hdmi connections (XBOX 360). Will try the resolution change and report findings. If not I guess I will go get a new gpu or tv lol
Thanks again

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