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Nov 26, 2008
Well, I recently tried to connect my laptop to my friend's 42" LCD-TV, like I used to with Vista. But, now it does not transfer and sound through the HDMI, and the max resolution is capped at 720p instead of 1080p. Anyone know if this is fixable, or am I forced to reinstall Vista?
Nevermind. Just found it doesn't default to the HDMI device anymore when cable is plugged in.

Windows 7 does not automatically detect that you have attached external devices like a vga cable or hdmi for that matter. I do not know why this happens but it just must not be programmed into the os
Probably just because it's still in alpha stages. I'm thinking the beta will be better in these regards.
I have HDMI video to TV, but sound still comes out of laptop?

I can't seem to get the sound to come out of the TV. I have played with the sound devise settings, but can't find a HDMI video/sound configuration. Any suggestion?
Should be a HDMI sound device in the list of Playback Devices if you have a native HDMI-output. If you use a DVI-to-HDMI converter, you will have to use S/PDIF.
Truthfully, I've never seen a sound card with HDMI. The sound card would have to have both sound and video built in to use one connection..

I have a Nvidia Gefore 8500 X-Fi Extreme which has HDMI

My Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme 7.1 card has optical ins and outs (for true digital recoring)

If you know of such a card, please let me know.
HDMI is not an audio-exclusive media, and as such it will not be used on audio-cards. Graphics cards do have HDMI output, though, so I do not see why you would need an audio-card with HDMI?

Yes, that's exactly what I stated.

My comment was related to 1967cat question as you stated your problem had been resolved.:)
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