Headphone sound, but no speaker sound?

Hey all,

For some reason my headphones (plugged into the front jack) will work but my speakers wont...when I unplug the headphones and turn on my speakers no sound comes out...when I turn them up I get blank noise, so its not the speakers...has something to do with my comp. I'm using the SoundMAX intigrated digital HD audio card (came with my motherboard, and has worked great...until now) Idk whats up...when I try going to my control panel --> sounds it says that they are 'working'. And according to the little bar sound is going to my speakers...yet no sound is coming out....

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What do you get if you go to the Control Panel - SoundsSpeakers - Configure - Test


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Hmm.... I just wonder if the port is actually connected properly...
If you get no joy from the above suggestion try and see if there's a port at the back or you could try tracing the front wires to see where they go..

the test does nothing, just tried plugging it into the front instead of the back and it works fine...so its either a problem with my BIOS settings or maybe I yanked on it and broke it somehow...

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