Heeeellllpppp!!! Hard Drive won't even spin....

Everything was fine this morning until I formatted a brand new bare bones hard drive (MBR)I had hooked up via sata to usb adapter cable. My mistake I think was made when I left it hooked up and later restarted the pc with the cable still in place.
The machine starts, I can hear the fan running, I have keyboard lights, (no hard drive light flashing) but nothing else. No bsod no error messages, absolutely nothing.
Itried putting in my win 7 install cd, could hear it being read but again nothing.
Also last year after upgrading from win vista I made a "repair disk" on he pc, but again nothing.
Can't get into safe mode, no f9...
It is like the hard drive is gone...


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What is the current status of the hard drive, did you disconnect it? Any bios settings you might need to change? I assume the Operating System is on an internal drive, is that correct?

Yes windows is on an internal, It is still in the plaptop, should I disconnect it then reconnect?
Bios, I can't even get into... But it has the most current version....


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I would probably disconnect the external drive. Depending on how external USB devices are set up in the Bios, it might be trying to boot to it. But it should not hurt to disconnect it no matter what.

It has been unplugged all along, When I tried to start the pc and it wouldn't do it, I immediately unplugged it from the usb port.
Could the partition/mbr on the pc possibly be corrupted or damaged?

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