Hello guys i want to install windows 7 to corrupted ntfs

Hi guys . I had windows vista on this laptop for two years with no problems . I had also ubuntu on it dualbooting ..

So I bought windows 7 . I went into my ubuntu installation and deleted all that was in my ntfs partition with vista except users.

Then i tried to resize it . But Gparted told me that the ntfs was corrupted .

Ok. I went on my vista install dvd , clicked on repair system , went to the cmd and chkdsk - ed the ntf partition ...

of course with the f and another option on

From ubuntu i can still use this partition normally through gnome nautilus , and it seems alright , only that the gparted live cd tells me it's corrupted the ntfs.

My question is : If i install windows 7 to that corrupted partition , will it put in danger all my saved data on the ntfs ?

Please help ...

PS: wow , 6000 users like supporting windows 7 ... i'm amazed


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well I would have thought if the windows installer see the partition as a separate entity it will just be a case of formatting before install to fix the NTFS issue... just move any file from there beforehand.

hey thanks alot for your reply . windows installer sees the partition just right. i will wait though until i get a place to put my files on :\

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