Windows 7 Help applying .theme files or looking for Desktop Theme Manager

Hi - I'm trying to use older .theme files with Windows 7. The Personalize area doesn't recognize these themes so I'm trying to first apply them with a theme manager then save them in the Personalize area so they will be an up to date theme. However, I'm having trouble doing this. I've tried a couple of different theme managers (Desktop Architect & Desktop Themes) and they don't correctly do what I want. Desktop Architect doesn't apply all elements and Desktop Themes will work fine except for when I apply a theme (then save it in the Windows Personalization area) and then move to the next theme - then it over writes the picture from the previous theme that I already saved (happens in the Windows Personalization Area). The reason I'm looking for this is that I have *many* themes (in the hundreds) from older operating systems. I *don't* want to have to set all the elements of each theme manually (which I know I can do in the Personalize area), theme by theme (too time consuming). Any help or direction in solving this issue would be **greatly** appreciated. I would love to figure this out. Thanks!!!:D

Can you post some screen shot ?

Hi - Thanks for your reply. I actually almost have it figured out now. All I have to do is to save the theme for sharing and reset the icons to their default settings before starting to do another theme. Thanks!

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