Help before i destroy my Notebook

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    Nov 11, 2009
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    Hello i am new here


    I am having issues with RDP externally EG: if i am at the office i can RDP in my servers locally with ease however i cannot remote out to a nother site, but if i use my co-workers machine i have no problems at all externally

    What i have done so far is:
    -checked for port forwarding on my cisco router and linux smoothwall all seem ok and other ppl have no issues connecting externally

    -check'd my laptops firewall all seems fine
    -turned off the windows firewal
    -created a custom rule in windows firewall for port 3389
    -lowerd UAC settings in windows
    -enabled all possible settings for "remote desktop"

    All of these things seems like a waste of time cuz nothing is working for me

    Please help i really am getting P****D with this laptop now

    O yeah specs:

    Win7 pro offcial upgrade
    Dell Vostro 1520

    i will be so happy i any one has a solution for me to try

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