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My computer is a Dell 6 months old bought from best buy preinstalled with windows 7. For all this time computer works it froze up, I powered down then went to restart it and it says error occured start in windows safe mode. I start safe mode it loads to blue screen with bird and usable mouse cursor. I press control Alt delete together and nothing happens. Unable to do anything with computer. I try to restart go to windows repair and every option puts me to blue screen with bird and mouse cursor moves and nothing beyond that, any enlightenment would be helpful. Thank you.

Thanks for advice Joe will try it if computer doesn't respond. Last night I let the computer run and found it changed to start up repair screen. It currently states it is attempting to repair and it seems as though its processing. The mouse cursor moves and a rectangle moves across the screen repetitively. Seems a long time to repair going on 11 hours now. I will continue to wait and see what happens. Else I will attempt with the recovery disc.

Will recovery disc change any personal information? That's the most important thing for me now. I have so much work data that if I lost it, it would be crippling to me. So my priority now is data retrieval. If I can retrieve data I can just reinstall windows.

Joe S

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I don't think so. Basically it lets you boot and then make choices like run startup repair, system restore, etc. You may want to run startup repair 2 or 3 times even is it doesn't show any fault.


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My best suggestion would be to call Dell.

Do you remember doing anything as far as loading software or allowing updates? Do you have Windows update set to run automatically?

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