Help!! booting from backup????

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by awaisagha, Jan 31, 2010.

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    hi guyss
    i want to know something...before i asked a Q that i want to make backtup of my pc C drive so i dun have to install OS just i run the backup...n many voted for acronis tre image software...i also found it on top ten reviews was ranked much above...
    but there is still a confusion,i was thinking how it will happen....and i got to know some Qs in mind which i want answe...
    1.the acronis true image will form back up of C drive(including OS+drivers+softwares+settings) and store in the form of .iso file? m i saying right...
    2.that iso can be installed from in same way as i install OS,i mean same booting dvd/or usb method...or it needs some special way(as norton ghost did,using bootable ghost n then run image)
    3.suppose that image is stored in another partition of my computer in which i have stored all ISO can i run that particular image from boot menu...cuz i dun know how to open command prompt from DOS,once it was easy when win98 was only OS...but now i dun know how...
    (m asking this cuz i guess this image will be huge size n i have only 8gb usb...thats y asking how to boot it from that partition containing other iso too)
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    Acronis True Image will create *.tib files, not ISO. Do not back up to anything except another HD (internal or external). You can restore from the other HD by booting to a Acronis Rescue Disk. If you don't create that disk, your out of luck on restoring.

    My suggestion is to save the cost of Acronis TI and use the backup utility that comes with Win7. Again, back up to another HD (internal or external). You will then need the Win7 Boot Disk to restore.

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