HELP!! BOOTMGR is missing!!

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by k2633, May 17, 2011.

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    I need major help here. Windows did a upgrade and afterwards the laptop wouldnt boot up and I tried to do a restore and got a error and after restarted I got a error BOOTMGR IS MISSING PRESS ALT CLT DEL TO RESTART. I read on a forum to make a disc to fix the prob and I have tried everything and its still giving error. One thing I have noticed is when it comes up from the disc and you select your language and etc it never shows the operating system in the box like everyone says its suppose to.. Someone please help me. I have done everthing I know to do and I'm not the smartest when comes to fixing these kind of problems. Thanks!!
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    Hi k2633 and Welcome to the Forum.

    After Your POST screen (After the beep at start up) repeatedly press F8. When your Startup options screen comes up Select Repair My Computer.

    You get a couple of screens to negotiate and then you will see the Repair Options screen.

    Select Startup Repair. You may possibly have to run this two or three times.

    If that doesn't work, do the same routine again to get to the Repair Options screen.

    This time select Command Prompt.

    Type C: and press <Enter> (If C: is the drive your Windows System is installed on).

    At the C:\ prompt, type cd boot and press <Enter>.

    At the C:\Boot prompt, type the following commands and press <Enter> after each command.
    bootrec /RebuildBcd <Enter>
    bootrec /FixMbr <Enter>
    bootrec /FixBoot <Enter>

    If you are running a 64bit system and have a Ubuntu / Linux disc etc.. There is a x64 Bootmgr file I've put HERE that a few people have used with success. Whether it would work with a 32bit system though, :confused: I have no idea.


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    I don't really understand why an update would mess up your system, but strange things do happen. When you get it running, maybe you could look and see what updates were installed.

    Do you have any external devices plugged in, like a USB flash drive?

    If you need to replace your boot files, including bootmgr, you can use the BCDBoot command explained here.
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    elmer: when trying to run the startup repair it tries and then gives error saying it cannot be repaired etc.. I have done the boot prompts just now and many times before and it still gives the same error saying bootmgr is missing. IDK what else to do.. I hate to have to borrow a windows 7 cd and wipe everything out cause I will lose my pictures. Any other ideas?
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    download Paragon Rescue Kit 10.0 and burned it to a CD. Rescue Kit Free Edition | PARAGON Software Group - free partition software, hard disk partitioning
    After boot from it, select Normal Mode, and then File Transfer Wizard.
    From there, should be able to access all files from drive. While here might be a good time to backup your pictures to an external USB drive in case
    Copy 5 hives - Default, Sam, Security, Software, and System - from windows\system32\config\regback
    to windows\system32\config, replacing the hives that are there.
    Afterwards, reboot
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