Help.. BSOD and 4gb ram

Hi mi fellow 7ers.. yesterday i bought 2 gigs of ram so i have 4 total.. i switched the 1 gb ram for the 2gb.. when i rebooted.. the system only recognized 2.94 gigs even though i got x64 RTM.. and just a couple of secs after.. BSOD!.. and then the ram started to dump stuff in the hard drive.. its not a problem of the ram because im using the new one and the old of 1 gb for a total of 3gb.. i think is a motherboard problem..

Could also be Ram incompatibility...
If the sticks are from different manufacturers, this can cause problems.

And even new RAM can be bad.

You also say you have 4G, but then total out to 3, which would match the 2.94G reported.
Can you clarify?

Also,, Foxxconn are crap boards (that's a personal opinion).

i got 3gb.. when i switched the 1gb for the 2gb stick.. and rebooted.. system properties said 4gb installed( 2.94 usable).. it can be that one ram is markvision and the other one is a titan.. but that shouldnt be a problem.. or should it?

It can be. RAM compatibility is very much an issue. There are many manufacturers that are not compatible with one another.

If I remember correctly (I am not using 64bit),, but are you sure you are running 64bit OS?

yes im running 7 x64.. i doubt that it is compatibility cause my neighbor has exactly the same configuration (1 markvision 2gb and 1 titan 2gb) and no problems at all.. maybe the motherboard.. :s

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