HELP! Can't Boot After Win 7 Install!


My situation is somewhat strange. Today I was installing Windows 7 on my brand new Acer AX1300 desktop as an upgrade to the preinstalled Windows Vista. The upgrade installation was going fine up until the very end. After the final restart of the installation, the computer froze on the 'Checking Video Settings for First Start Up' or something along those lines (don't remember the exact phrase but it was part of the installation process). I realized that the installation has been frozen because the light beam on the bottom of the screen was no loner moving, but I still figured I'd give it more time. After 20 minutes of waiting I was sure that the installation has frozen so I powered down the computer manually. Now, when I start the computer nothing appears on the screen -- its just black. I know the computer is running since all the lights are on and I hear the fan running, but I get nothing on the screen. I thought maybe the reason was because my computer was hooked up to my TV via HDMI and there was no driver for recognizing the HDMI port so I hooked it up to my computer monitor, but the problem is the same...

Please help as I'm completely puzzled as to what to do since I can't even boot the OS...

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