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    [SUP]​[/SUP]Hello All,

    I don't really know how to describe my pc problem. In the grand scheme of things it's a small issue but it's very irritating.

    I believe it's all the same thing. One example, is uploading files i.e. photos to photobucket, deviant art, face book.... music files to mediafire etc.
    Uploading files to the internet ... so the sites direct you to the relevant pages and normally you'd click browse file to select the file you want to upload and a window would open so you could browse to select the file and subsequently upload. When I click the browse button there is also a slight flicker as if the window opens and closes very quickly and no upload window?!?

    Similar when I right click on a link/picture and select "Save As" there is also a slight flicker as if the window opens and closes very quickly. And no window to select were you want the file downloaded to...

    I use google chrome as my main browser... but the same thing happens with Internet Explorer and Firefox.

    I have the same issue when I try to open a file is MS Word, after clicking the open command, nothing... no window... same when trying to add artwork to iTunes, click add (normally a window) nothing.

    I've ran Malwarebyes Anti-Malware and the report came back clear. I have Norton 360 and that's come back clear. Any ideas what's going on? Before I throw my laptop out the window?

    Many Thanks
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