Help. Command Prompt not appearing.

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Aashish, Aug 28, 2011.

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    Aug 28, 2011
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    Hello All.

    I am posting this after a lot of search for the solution on the internet but all in vain.

    I am trying to run command prompt in windows 7 professional, but it is not appearing in front of me.

    1. I tried to run it from Start --> Accessories --> Command Prompt
    2. I tried to run by typing cmd on the start menu and then finding the .exe file
    3. I tried to run using Run command by typing cmd in Run dialog box
    4. I tried to run it from C:/Windows/system32 folder
    5. I also tried to run it using right click and then selecting Run as Administrator

    But whatever I tried to do I cannot see the command prompt window.

    Also, when I run the task manager, I can only see the cmd.exe running in the 'processes tab' and that too one new process for each time I have clicked on the cmd.exe.
    But it does not show cmd.exe in the 'applications tab' where it should be showing.

    Please help me. This problem is bugging me for a long time now. And now I need to run for very urgent project of mine.
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    I would suggest you use task manager to shut down all instances of cmd.exe. It should be showing in Applications, but something may be out of alignment.

    Do a cold boot, which mean shutting down your system and restarting.

    Look for the Command Prompt on the start menu, right click and select properties. Select the shortcut tab and see what it shows for a Run option. Is it Normal Window, or something else?

    But anytime something does not work as it is designed, I recommend running the SFC /scannow command. Since you cannot get into the Command Prompt window, this may not be available. Perhaps it might work in Safe Mode.

    f you cannot get into a Command Prompt Window, I might suspect a virus could be causing a problem. Malwarebytes seems to be a fairly good anti-virus for scanning your system if whatever you already have has not found anything.

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