Windows 7 Help deleting folder


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Mar 23, 2013
OK I am an IT numpty so here goes.

On my desktop there is a media sync folder that arrived when I tried to move music from a blackberry to the pc. I cant delete this file as it says that I need admin permission but yet I log in as the only administrator and if I open the folder and try to delete its contents it tells me that it is in use in another programme. Confused or what. There is not malware to my knowledge on the pc as it is regularly checked

Thank you. I think that I have done it by starting in safe mode. this allowed me to delete the folder and then empty the bin. I have no idea why this helped but it seems to have done the job

Safe mode means you would not have run any of your startup programs so the file wasn't locked - might still be worth you downloading that free utility - comes in handy on occasions.


Also if you use Malwarebytes there is an application in the tools tab called File Assassin that can be helpful.