Help !! Driver HP Photosmart 1218 for Vista


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:mad: Hello, do you know where can I find the driver Vista from my HP Photosmart 1218 ???
Lot of thanks from France;)


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Hi!!! You might want to try the Photosmart 7200 series printer drivers. Some people have had sucess with that. Please read the discussion "Installing HP Photosmart 1215 on Vista" before starting...


This was a workaround from a previous post on the same subject.

Thank you for the tip about the Photosmart 7200 drivers, it worked great.

Here is a step by step description of how to install.

1.) Go to device manager and make sure you remove any reference to the Photosmart 1215.

2.) Go to printers and manually install, right click in the open printers window and choose Run As Administrator>add printer.

3.) Add a local printer using the existing port: USB001(virtual printer port for USB)

4.) In the next window choose Manufacturer: HP, Printers: HP Photosmart 7200 series.

5.) Then hit next and away you go, you should have the little window asking if you want to print a test page, click yes and if all went as well as it did for me it should be printing a test page.

PS Make sure the printer USB is plugged in and printer is turned on.



Re: Help !! Driver HP Photosmart C6180 for Vista

my printer is a c6180 and will not print because I have Vista--please advise, as I am techno-challedged, and LOST...


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What do know about that? Thanks good friends. As I happen to have HP 1215, I set out long ago to find a way to use it. Thats when I learned about the 7200 HP driver workaround. Still use it too and it's still a great printer.


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Re: Help !! Driver HP Photosmart C6180 for Vista

my printer is a c6180 and will not print because I have Vista--please advise, as I am techno-challedged, and LOST...
Please oh please Register and then log in. It's really hard to respond otherwise. Now if you are looking for drivers You could look here first Software & Driver downloads HP Photosmart C6180 All-in-One Printer

There are Vista drivers for your printer. But, I can't tell whether or not thats your problem. If it's not drivers let us know what you are looking for please????

Re: Help !! Driver HP Photosmart C6180 for Vista

Hello, I am probably in the wrong thread but I have a HP photosmart S20 scanner. HP states there is no driver for it under Vista. Is there anyone who can help me? It was a very expensive scanner and worked on XP great. I dont want to throw it away.

Hi peer65

Can't see any way of getting that scanner to work under Vista. You are perfectly correct in saying that there is no driver for this in Vista. I don't know your particular scanner or how old it is, but when a new operating system comes out, each
peripheral vendor decides for himself which existing products to write new drivers for. It's primarily a matter of economics. If the scanner is a recent one and still being sold, it's obviously in the vendor's interest to provide the needed driver. The older the product, the less likely it is that the vendor will write the driver.
Not updating device drivers for a new OS is a long-standing HP practice. HP seems to think this is good for product sales, since it orphans otherwise perfectly good hardware.
I can only suggest that you try running your scanner in compatibility mode


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Yes there is actually a fix but, it is not free. It's called Vuescan. This is a message I took from somewhere on the Internet.

Yeah - I've got an HP printer I can't use since my computer died and the replacement came with Vista... I ran into the same problem with my Minolta scanner and driver incompatibility. The fix was to download and install Vuescan. Cost was something like $35, but there's a trial.

Hope this helps you.

Tried drivers for HP 7200 Photosmart and Officejet. Both come back with an "OFFLINE ERROR."
Any ideas, which 1 do I use? Thanks


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The 7200 and using vista just install in from printers in control panel.


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This is the Photosmart 7200 printer you need to use. And if needed set the printer to DOT somehting 4_001, instead of usb. Sorry I forgot this.

I used the method where you upgrade the photosmart 1218 from the device manager with the 7200 upgrade and everything works! thank you:


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I thought it would not let me down. For the record however, doing it with any kind of combo scanner printer will not work. And thats the only case I have seen yet that does not work at all. Congrats and enjoy.


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