HELP! file extension issues

Can anyone tell me what an AVI.index file is, or how about a jpg.file. Every time I move a picture, video, or audio file from folder to folder these index files and jpg.files go too. If I upload 300 pictures to a folder it ends up with 600 files in it, one jpg.file for every pic, one AVI.index file for every video file. I am continuously deleating these files, however, they sometimes return. Plese help.


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Do you use a Mac? The .index file is an unknown Apple || file or an index file. The .FILE is also an unknown Apple || file or an AS/400 (Physical File).

It should not be creating these.
What antivirus do you have? Do a virus update and scan. Then get back.

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I have a Sony Viao with Windows 7 professional operating system. I have Webroot anti-virus, Anti-Malwarebytes, and C-Cleaner. I run regular scans and the C-Cleaner, however, the files do not go away.


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Is it only a specific drive that happens on or is all drives? Try copying\moving\creating Jpegs to your C drive (eg: your desktop) and tell us if this happens as well.

Is the Webroot AV detecting viruses that it can't remove or is not detecting viruses at all?

I copied a picture to the desktop and no jpg.files went with it. My pictures and videos are in Libraries/Pictures/NORMLkid's Pics, I thought this

was C drive? As far as the Webroot, it works fine. Here is an example of how this problem tends to occur: I edited some of my videos using

Pinnacle Studio 14 to make a movie, I also used some of my photos in the movie. Prior to making the film in Studio 14, I deleted all of

the .AVI.A.index files, the .avi.index files, the .jpg.files files, and any other seemingly irrelevant files, however, after making and or viewing the

movie, these irritating files have reappeared. I took my laptop to the Geek Squad guys and they just said; "that's wierd", and "I don't know". I

hope this gives you a clearer understanding of what I've been dealing with.


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after making and or viewing the movie
Are you saying that it only happens when you export a movie from Pinnacle? If so, it has something to do with that software. Have you been using it for long or is it a new program that you just started using?

p.s. the libraries\pictures is usually on your C drive unless you moved it.

This was occuring before I up-loaded Pinnacle. When I first purchased my laptop I began saving

pictures from Google to use as desktop icons, I would find a picture that I wanted to use, right

click, save picture as, and title the picture, which would save to my pictures library, and I have

not changed the library location. After saving a picture, I go to the pictures library to find the

picture and this irrelevant file that goes with it.

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I too am stumped. This should not be happening.

Try uninstalling the AV you use and install the free Microsoft Security Essentials update it, scan with it (do a full scan on all your drives - not a quick scan) and tell us if it detects anything.

I payed for the Webroot... so I am leery about un-installing it before I try the Security Essentials. Is this AV as good or better than Webroot or can I try it out before un-installing? I might not have the Webroot program disk.

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