help formatting drive c on windows 7

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    so guys, i had originally windows vista on drive C and then i installed windows 7 on drive E, then i wanted to try windows 8 so i deleted windows vista form drive C and installed windows 8 ... now i tried deleting/formating Drive C to put another OS on it but i couldnt delete the windows folder, im guessing its booting from Drive C into windows 7 on drive E.


    i used Easy BCD to remove the windows 8 boot entry since im not using it.

    so what should i do now? how can i format drive C and still make windows 7 boot correctly?

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    A picture of your Disk Management window might be more helpful. Use the snipping tool and attach using the paperclip on advanced replies.

    But if you installed Windows 7 after Vista, the boot system was probably set up on the Vista Partition, since it was probably active. But in any case, the boot occurs on the active partition.

    Drive letters can be a little misleading. Since the OS partition is normally shown as C: , I like to refer to partition numbers. So if you installed Windows 7, was it on the second partition on the drive, and I am assuming you have a single drive system.

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