HELP: FTP Client error (I can't seem to find anything on the net about this)

I just finished setting up a new PC for another one of our internal IT guys with Windows 7. As he was going through installing all of his programs and getting his email setup this error appeared. It seemed to coincide with him loading a .PST file for his Outlook 2007.

He has several .PST files, about 5 or 6, due to him backing them up. He loaded one of them fine (I think it was the newest one) and when he went to add one of the first ones, probably around 3 years old, this message started showing up. I started wondering if something could be corrupted in the .PST since it was created when he was using Office 2003. This error was also happening with his old laptop, but we thought he had done something wrong with the install of 7 since he ran it as an upgrade and not a fresh install.

I really need help on this because I can't seem to find anything about this anywhere and I just find it random. I do have a test Win 7 machine that I can use to mess around and I was planning on getting his .PST files so I can mess around with it.



If nobody has seen this before can you point me in a direction?


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If all the pst files relate to the same connection I think it would be best to just install the most recent and then import any additional data required from any earlier ones.

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