Help game crash no explanation!!! please help.

Hi my name is Baz im new to this forum first post lol:D.

But sadly not a good one.

OK I am having multiple crashes playing arma 2 OA and Napolean Total War. the game would freeze and then black screen, then blue screen of death. some times it would just minimize the game then it would take .. left **** number pad - and flush. then it would come back on.

things ive tryed, update all drivers. update the mother board. put the settings on the BIOS for the ram, change the Graphics card,
My rig is not that old only about three months. I had this custom made by a computer company.
OS. windows, 7 Ulimate 64bit.
Processer, I7 950
RAM 8GB, 2GB stick DDR3 PC 3-10660
Motherboard, ASUS P6T Deluxe.
Graphic card, ATI 5970 2GB
Sound card, ASUS Xonar DS

View attachment error file.rar

need help badly if anyone can help would be much apprecieated

Hey there, and welcome to the forums. :)

1) Uninstall AVG in safe mode with this tool:

AVG - Download tools

Reboot and install MSE.

2) Update your old Marvell Yukon network driver:

yk62x64 yk62x64.sys Mon Feb 23 10:02:27 2009

Look in the device manager for it's exact type. Then download and install from here:

Marvell: Support

Thank you for the help. this has mosty stoped the blue screen of death lol. but my game still freeze. then it complete locks up any ideas what i could do to stop this?

Yes, heat.

Try using an overclocking utility like RivaTuner to only set the fan speed to max while playing and see how it goes. Don't touch any clock speeds.

Is it freezing in one particular game only, or does it happen in any game?

no it happend to Napoleon total war too, same type of crash too. this time i left the computer on to see what happends cos i would usually have to restart it cos it take very long time, there would be noting but a black screen and the mouse pointer. but i got a blue screen of death at the end and i have the error log here.


1. How about your hardware temperatures?

2. Is your PSU sufficient? In working order?

3. Your webcam is the only thing a bit outdated, but I'm sure it's not relevnt to your freezes:

LVPr2M64.sys Wed Oct 07 04:26:50 2009
lvrs64.sys Wed Oct 07 04:27:59 2009
lvuvc64.sys Wed Oct 07 04:28:44 2009
Logitech Webcam Software

Now run memtest overnight:

RAM - Test with Memtest86+ - Windows 7 Forums

all is just new lol. i tryed the fans like they suggest by no joy, im really out of ideas myself, may have to return the pc, very strange, i think the mother board is not compatable or something werd like that, although i dont think so lol. all tems are fine to, anyway thanks for the help guys ill pop back if i find something and report it here, baz

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