Help Getting Acronis ti 2010 Running in Windows 7


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After getting ti 2010 working initially in new windows 7 install, I now get the dreaded "program stops working"
which appears to be the new BSOD for windows 7. This happens at initial launch and sometimes into point where
I select location of backup folder. I've tried reinstalling about a dozen times to no avail and I've even used
the cleaner utility with no success. I've tried the following version of true image home 2010: 6053, 7046,
7154 and 7160. Is there a preferred version for windows 7 or should these versions be installed in a certain
order? All I'm trying to do is backup an ssd drive (C) to an external 3 tb drive. This should not be a complicated
event. I'm very frustrated and am looking for any help.

I've also posted this message on Acronis Forum but have not yet received any responses. I hope to do better here.
If there's no solution can someone recommend backup software that is very reliable and easy to use. All I want to
do is do full backup from ssd drive and data disks to an external usb drive on a regular basis.

Thanks, Ralph

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Did you try running backup from the rescue CD? I always make my images that way. When you installed did you shut off your antivirus and other security software? They can sometimes cause problems with complex installs involving Windows. I'm running version 7160 and don't have problems.


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I, also, am a happy user of Acronis. I have 2011 installed currently. With autoupdates, the latest is as you see in the picture (6868). As, I think, Joe has done, you can manually download even later builds from their pages. I have had no problems since the original install. -I had to edit out the serial number in my picture, of course!

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I don't know if it is significant, but did you elect NOT to join the ACEP, during the installation? If you leave it in, you give Acronis the right to browse your computer during and after installation. I care not do ever do that, however reliable the originator! It (unlikely) found something on your setup with which it had problems??

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Here's the latest. I can make backups OK now but there are still gremlins in my machine. I totally cleaned up everything as far as acronis backup software is concerned. I downloaded version 7160 from acronic web site to make sure I got the latest software and installed it without any problems. When I ran it for the first time I was able to backup windows 7 to my 3 tb external drive with no problem. The second time I ran ti 2010 I got the dreaded stopped working message when I enetered the home page and clicked on backup my disk. I was persistent this time though and ran it again. This time it stopped running while I tried to select my archive locatiion. Still not giving up I ran it a third time and it ran OK. Now, everytime I want to run a backup I just keep tring until it works. I haven't had to go more than 3 times so far. And I know the backups aree good because I used one to recover Windows 7. I'd like to know what's behind the error, " program stopped working and will have to stop". What is the cause of this message? I guess it might be worth a google ot two. Anyway, that's what I now have to do to get this software to work. Thanks for your help.


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