Windows 7 Help!! guys !!! fastt!


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Feb 17, 2013
Hello, im so da*n pissed off, i need help, i dont know how to shut this down!! im so angry, there is no possible option to shut this down, i dont need this categories, please guys, i will break my computer into million pieces! its only on hard drive,its not on every drive, just how to be normal, details or any view,only without this categories, its so stupid..thanks in forward! the picture is undernith the text! just down! very smal, its big when you open it!
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If you are referring to the way the drive contents are displayed, right click the listing and see what you have selected for "Group by". If not that, try the "Sort by" options or a combination of both.

If it is something else, please explain in more detail.

Thanks man! Thank you very much!! :D you just saved my computer, and hard drive, and window, and neighbours window! thanks!