HELP! I have tried a zillion things, laptop won't find desktop printer

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by lckw, Sep 16, 2011.

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    I have a new laptop and it connected to home network and can browse internet with no issue. What I can't do is print from that laptop to the printer that is connected to the desktop.
    1) In "network and sharing center" I can see the desktop "MOM-PC" but when I click on it I get the note "Windows cannot access \\MOM-PC......check the spelling, problem with network, yada, yada.
    2)When I go to "homegroup settings" on laptop it says Homegroup found a new shared printer but when I click on blue "Install printer" button nothing happens
    3) All things are set to SHARE on both MOM-PC and MOM-Lap, and both are set to "allow Windows to manage homegroup connections
    4) I turned off anti-virus on both computers before attempting to connect to printer
    5) I have run the troubleshooting function on both computers and nothing changed
    6) Desktop is connected directly to router, desktop is connected to router wi-fi

    I would so appreciate some help, I have searched online and still nothing seems to fit or fix.

    UPDATE: I FOUND THE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I went to start button of the laptop and typed in \\ipaddress of desktop that got me to where it showed the printer and I could click on it to install the drivers. Once that was done I went into Printers on the laptop and the printer was there to pick and I could set it to default. I WORKS! Yippee!
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    Yes, you always have to search computers with IP. Its fast for the simple reason you are telling computer in its language and not human language. Good job !!

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