How do i take ownership of my secondary drives, i cant even get a proper right click menu which allows me to create notepads and stuff, i got windows 7 home


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You might elaborate some on your exact circumstances. Are these secondary drives physically different drives, or drive letters on one drive. Where did the other hard drives come from? Are they internal or external?


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Not exactly sure what one has to do with the other as right click context menus are dictated by where they are used at the Drive / Volume level they are pretty much restricted to new folder. Inside a folder is where I believe you will see what you want to see. But, having said that.... read this, the utility will add a take ownership right click menu item that you can use as you wish Add "Take Ownership" to Explorer Right-Click Menu in Win 7 or Vista

EDIT: Sorry Clark, evidently we posted at the exact same time.

thanks guys but i solved it before, i did a right click properties and went to the security tab, awful i wish win7 did not do that

WELL it seems that windows 7 will allow you to take control of SOME files but not ALL , anyone else with the same experience? no i haven't tried that take ownership program yet as i am not ready to be messing with the registry yet, i dont want to be applying hacks when i'm trying to accomplish system stability

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