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    Here's my issue. Sometimes, and I mean once every other hour, I will double click on an icon on my desktop and it will merely reveal the "Properties." e.f. I try and open Firefox, and I get the Firefox Properties/File location. Then I manage to fanagle firefox or IE open and I press an icon on the upper tab bar, and it opens file locations from my pictures. Then, anytime I click a link, it downloads the link. THEN I attempt to type on my external (the built in one on my laptop stopped working) keyboard, and it won't type. Only certain letters open shortcuts (s = save). This becomes more of a pain when I am trying to type in passwords at the login screen and can't open windows. This is becoming more consistent. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
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    It sounds to me like you have some serious issues with the laptop computer itself.
    Since you note the problem is getting worse over time I'd suggest it's not just the keyboard...
    From your description there are USB and memory problems as well.

    Make an immediate backup of all your data.
    Take it in for service, or if it's getting old, you might just want to get a new one.
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    For the icons on the desktop, try deleting them and going to the executable file , right-click and choose send to desktop (create shortcut)

    Do you have another keyboard to try?

    They're only about $6.00 for a new one.
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