Help me get to a website!

So I know this is not exactly the right forum to post this problem. But I hate people who join a forum just to post a question and never come back. So I figured since I've used this forum previously and had lots of help, I should try here again.
So here is my dilemna, a few months ago, I all of a sudden lost access to I couldnt get there if my life dependent on it ( and sometimes it does!) Anyway I stopped being able to access it from all my computers (5) from PC to Mac no luck. While on my iphone away from the house I could access it fine, from friends house I had no problem. I could not figure out what was wrong. I called my cable internet provider, Comcast and got some troubleshooting. They were able to ping and tracert the website fine, but I was not. They said it was not there problems it was weightwatchers. On weightwatcher's side, all I can get is there basic help desk which keeps tellingme to disable virusscan. (Which is not the problem!) So I'm coming here for help.. If I cant get them to fix whatever is wrong, is there some way I can get around going through my normal hops to get to the website? Can't I take an alternate path??

Though it might seem I'm not technical, I actually am! :) Just not so much on the networking side. I appreciate any help!
Below is my tracert

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 ( 1.044 ms 0.758 ms 1.999 ms
2 ---- ms 48.389 ms 8.369 ms
3 ( 11.292 ms 7.811 ms 9.433 ms
4 ( 11.665 ms 9.359 ms 12.383 ms
5 ( 12.645 ms 12.898 ms 14.296 ms
6 ( 17.925 ms 19.762 ms 17.096 ms
7 ( 17.684 ms 16.841 ms 20.248 ms
8 ( 17.585 ms 26.351 ms 19.209 ms
9 * ( 61.846 ms 63.597 ms
10 ( 47.627 ms ( 48.414 ms ( 51.056 ms
11 ( 49.643 ms 71.471 ms 50.955 ms
12 ( 49.687 ms 43.955 ms 41.941 ms
13 ( 50.443 ms 42.809 ms 41.793 ms
14 ( 81.221 ms 42.427 ms 43.774 ms
15 ( 50.683 ms 76.160 ms 40.887 ms
16 ( 75.953 ms 63.387 ms 44.334 ms
17 * * *


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Without being technical.... Do they have any back doors you can gain access through ? Try entering weight watchers through you account, customer service, advertisements, shipping (What ever) Weight Watchers was good in the Eighty's. I'd prefer they'd give people a bulk diet (Vegetables & Fiber, less meat)

I've been able to get to some of the "back door" parts of the website..sometimes.. sometimes the help page loads sometimes it doesnt or the about us page. Doesnt make sense that all my computers can't get there. Is there anything else I can check ?

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