Help me out?

Alright so my current specs are

Mobo - asrock dualsata2(socket 939)
Cpu - amd athlon 64 fx-60 running at 2.6(both cores)
video card - 8800 gtx oc2
ram - 2gb
Case - thermaltake armor (Va8003bws)

I would like to upgrade my mobo, cpu and ram

I would like the cpu to be a quad core so i was thinkin either an intel(ive never built a comp with an intel cpu) or amd i was looking at the amd phenom 9600 or an intel q6600

or if anyone can help me out? which cpu is better, which mobo would best utilize my other hardware

Jim Haynes

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I cannot give you any advice off the top of my head, simply because I do not follow "the latest and greatest" on a daily basis. I know a site like Tom's Hardware - Computer Hardware News, Tests, Ratings and Reviews should be able to help you out, although personally I have not used the site for many years, simply because I have not had the need to upgrade my systems. I am sure if you do a little searching with your favorite search engine, you will find similar sites with the information you want but I think the Tom's Hardware site would be a good start in my opinion.


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Hi shadow, I'll be happy to point you in the right direction or give advice as I'm sure will the other forum members..
First of all what are you going to be using your pc for? As I'm sure your aware if your just going to be using it for office work and a bit of surfing it's spec will be vastly different to one where it's needed for gaming. Sorry it's taken a while to reply but I hadn't got my web page configured properly so I didn't even see your post until today!

I use my computer mostly for gaming, visual editing, modding etc, and thanks for your time :D


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Hi Shadow,

thanks for the reply, judging by what your already running your already pretty knowledgable about hardware and so on, so my next question is... Do you want to stick with AMD or go over to Intel? As your probably aware Intel currently are making the best mid to high end chips but as AMD are promising to release their 45nm solutions in the latter part of 08 it may be better to wait. (I along with others are waiting for this to happen).
Intel are just about releasing their 45nm chips now and although they've been hit with low chip numbers apparently the word is that they've solved this:
45nm Quad cores coming next week! - VR-Zone IT & Lifestyle Forum!
So the choice is yours really..Wait until later in the year and see what what AMD 45nm solutions are like (which according to reports very good) OR go with a 45nm Intel solution now. Just to add, personally I'd give the 65nm Phenoms a miss, unless you can get one which is around 3GHz (which you won't see until later in the year if ever). They really aren't that much faster than the Dual-core Athlons and with the 45nm chips so close to release I'd wait..

One thing about it if you wait until AMD releases their 45nm the price of Intel my come down then :D

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