Help me save my friend from returning to XP!!

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by kspanks04, Aug 19, 2009.

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    I took months of convincing the most stubborn of XP users but I finally got my buddy to try Windows 7. He had it up and running for a few hours and he loved it until...his power went out. He couldn't boot up and windows 7 couldn't repair startup, he tried every option and they all failed. He's using Win 7 7600 1385 32-bit. He was using readyboost and his machine was in hibernation at the time. All his hardware appears to be fine and he had a surge protector.

    Also, he tried to reinstall Windows 7 and it kept getting stuck expanding the files. Anyone have any ideas whats going on? I'm thinking powering off w/ readyboost and hibernation is a bad idea...
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    You could try reformatting the disk with something like 'Killdisk' Active@ Kill Disk Hard Drive Eraser. Low Level Format. which will basically 'zero' the disk. This may help if any bad sectors were created when the crash happened.

    Out of interest though, have you tried installing XP on the damaged drive?

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