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Dec 28, 2010
I am looking for some serious help to a problem that is seriously going to put me in a padded room. I currently own an Hp Envy 1110NR 8g 2.53 GHz Intel-i5 460 with turbo boost an integrated Intel and discrete ATI Mobility Radeon 5650 with 1 GB of memory. Now I have never had any problems playing games high end or low end, my system seemed to always be able to handle it? About a month ago I did a complete update on all my drivers as some had not been updated since I bought this back in 2011. 2 weeks ago I got a game called Rage, but I couldn’t play it for some reason with my graphics card so I used an update on amds site to be able to play rage. This updated my driver and Catalyst control center. Game worked great no lag like before, now some of my other games didn't work at all with this new update. No big deal I figured I just roll back to my previous drivers. Finished the game used the update from hp and I got my old version of catalyst control center and ati driver 8.777 something.
Now all my games are the same I can play great for about 5-10 minutes then it goes into slow motion. This is not just 1 game, all my games, dead space 3, cod black ops 2, borderlands 2, mass effect 1, 2, 3, and NFS most wanted 2013 etc. This NEVER happened before ever, I have tried lowering settings to just about bust but it makes no real difference. I have tried changing the settings on my computer to run on peak performance instead of visual quality this only gives me a little fps. When I run benchmarks on games such as just cause 2 I am averaging about 24 fps, dead space 3 40 fps, Sleeping Dogs, is weird I max out at 63, average 46-47 and have a minimum of 12 fps. There is no steady constant; I tried all the same setting for each game still no change. I could be using the lowest settings say res- 1024x768, I get 10 mins or so or great game play then slow motion like my computer is trying to catch up. I have a 150gbs of free hard drive space at all times. So it cant be space.

I have tried different versions of catalyst control downloads that didn’t work. I have put the original drivers back on in hopes that would fix the issue, nope. I went as far as taking my computer apart to clean the fans from dust and debree giving the inside a nice clean job. I used amds cleaner tool to uninstall all the old drivers then did a new fresh install of the hp graphic driver package located on there site. Just tried to play sleeping dogs and same thing slows down during play.

I am so frustrated with this can somebody please offer some help to me any suggestions would be so appreciated, this is totally ruining my games, and I am a huge gamer.
I don’t want to do a reboot to factory settings that would be a last last last resort.

Thank You
In the BIOS you should find an option to set the switchable graphics. Change it from dynamic to fixed, which will ensure unless you select otherwise or are running on battery that the AMD graphics are always active rather than the powerless Intel ones.

Uninstall the current driver suite through the control panel add or remove programs area, then download the latest official release from the HP website to ensure you get the package with the switchable components. Once installed, download the latest mobility Radeon release from this direct mirror:

Select custom during the install and ensure that Intel Media Components (or something very similar, I'm going by memory) is present in the list of components for install. If it isn't, quit the installer. I had an HP with switchable graphics and I found that updating from the HP ones to the latest catalyst release could be a tedious process. If the intel components aren't present, the switchable graphics don't function and the drivers are not optimized for the hardware configuration. You may have better luck with older catalyst releases but if not, stick with the drivers from HP.

You may also be able to point the device manager drive updater to the folder where you extracted the AMD driver and have it update that way, although I find it rarely works with catalyst drivers.
Thanks for getting back to me I really appreciate the help. I tried what you said but the problem is still there, I get again great play for about 15-20 minutes then the game start to slow down. The only way I can describe it is its like the computer is trying to catch up with the game. This is so frustrating, especially when you are playing a game like Need For Speed 2013, racing along then bam slow motion, computer catches up then back to normal play. Its like a revolving door, I lower the settings, nada, I change the resolution nada, I'm really lost. It be one thing if this happened from the start but that's not the case I never had graphic issues before, so Its obviously something I did. I have updated all my drives through device manager so everything is up to date. The link you provided update catalyst control to 13.1 but there again was no difference. Any other suggestions on what I should do other then buying a new graphics card or computer?
Thanks Again
That's strange. Usually these problems in notebooks are caused by clogged fans (the processor underclocks to compensate for additional heat, essentially brings the system down to its knees) or driver issues. Check the administrative event logs to determine if anything happens around the same time as the games slowing down that may point to the problem. Did you try rolling back any of the *other* drivers you updated? Chipset drivers could be a culprit here too.

Unfortunately the graphics cards in notebooks can't be upgraded & this definitely doesn't warrant buying a new PC yet. Worse comes to worse you can back up your data and do a full factory reset using the HP Recovery Manager. If THAT doesn't work then yes, a new PC could be in order. If it's less than a year old, the problem may be covered by warranty if you wanted to go through that process.
Its funny you say that because I always thought that my laptop always ran hot when gaming. I downloaded a program called MSI afterburner to see what my system is doing when I am gaming. I do know my way around a computer but when it comes to numbers and data I'm riding in the rear seat so to speak. Just to give you an idea of what I am looking at, take for example a game like [FONT=HelveticaNeue-Light, Helvetica Neue Light, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, Lucida Grande, sans-serif]Far Cry 3- GPU Temp 56-58'C, GPU Usage 99%, Fan Speed 30%, Core Clock 450 MHz, Memory Clock 800 MHz, Memory Usage 213 Mb, Fps 25-30. 56-58 degrees Celsius seems crazy high to me, but again I don't know if this is normal. I don't recall my other laptop which was a hp, pavilion to be exact, every running that hot. Do those numbers seem right to you? I will try to roll back my drivers and see if that works. I did clean my fans out a week ago, I went as far as taking the thing apart. I did notice some dust inside but nothing that seemed me. A complete system restore to factory settings is the last and I mean last resort, I will try roll back drivers as you suggested and see what happens? Again thank you for your help!![/FONT]
Those temperatures are well within safe boundaries, I've owned notebooks that would shoot up to 90+ when playing games. Let me know how it goes with the drivers.
I swear I am losing my mind with this graphics issue thing! OK so I tried this a second time, I uninstalled my drivers again. Then went to Hp's website and downloaded the latest official release like you said, installed that. I then installed the latest mobility radeon release from your link above, installed that. This is what is confusing to me, I opened a game I have Sleeping Dogs, it has a option to run a benchmark to see what settings you can handle. With settings on 1366x768 it gave me a score of a max 64 fps, average 39 fps and minimum of 16 fps, but in the spot that says what type of graphics card you have it said amd radeon hd 6500m 5600/5700 series. Now I thought I maybe downloaded the wrong release so I went into my device manager opened my graphics card box checked update driver and it changed it back to the one I downloaded from hp's website. What the hell, I then ran the benchmark again from the same game, settings 1366x768 and got max 58, average 34, and minimum of 23, but the type of graphics card it indicated was ati mobility radeon 5650. Wow, now I'm really confused, which one is correct? Do I use the one from Hp or the one from ati, not that it mattered because they both did the slow down thing again after 10-15 minutes of play time. I know those scores are not really too accurate. GRRRRRR I am really starting to lose my patience with this whole thing...Also, does my BIOS in anyway have anything to do with my issues. I noticed that the version I have has not been updated at all. In fact I am 2 updates behind, I have F,13 08-27-2010 right now but the one on hps website is F,26 12-16-2011. Should I update this or leave it be?

Sorry to trouble you with this, thanks again
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