Windows 8 Help me.


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Nov 11, 2012
Hello guyz I am using windows 8 enterprise 9200 x86 on Dell Inspiron n5050 Core i 3. My problem is When I am active windows with Windows 8 Pro Activator v1.0 Final (+ Windows 8 Personalization Enabler) or Windows 8 PERMANENT Activator 5-11-2012 so after restart Windows not open properly I mean user signing and show blank screen not showing start menu etc. Whenever I am try these activator on Dell n7010 so It`s working perfect. If I reinstall fresh window and activator launch so It`s working fine but after some software install like avast Internet security etc.. so windows open correctly but When I click on user profile for change picture so users profile not opening. Please help me guyz Please please.... give me solution .

Dude your in the wrong forum. We do not give tips on how to pirate Microsoft material and further discussion can lead to a ban..