Help moving from the rc to retail version of win 7 x64, without losing setup...


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i hope one of you out there who is well versed with win 7 and acronis can help me out here. i will try to be as detailed as possible with what i want to do.

i want to do a fresh install of windows 7, but want to be able to put my system back exactly as it is now. using acronis in the past, i have been able to make an image of my current opsys, and restore it to my new computer perfectly. i mean i didn't have to reload anything. no programs, no alignments, no reconfiguring anything. when acronis finished, it restarted and everything was already exactly as it was before; all programs worked and performed as they did previously.
so the difference now is that i want to get rid of the release candidate version (win 7 ult x64) i was using, and load the retail version of win 7 ult x64. so i don't want to backup or include any of the current windows files that will be loaded in the fresh load anyway, but want all the programs and configurations i have now, to be restored exactly as they are now, without taking two weeks to do it.
so i am not really sure which files i need to include in the backup image, to make sure that i have the correct files to make sure all programs will run correctly, and which ones to leave out so i don't keep any of the rc's files. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.


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Sounds tricky to me and Im not sure you can. Someone else maybe be able to help you more with what you've outlined, but you know you can upgrade from the RC to the RTM easily enough by editing cversion.ini file found in the sources folder in the iso. Just change MinClient=7233.0 to MinClient=7000.0. At least you can keep everything how it was. Let me know if you need more help.