Help! My windows 7 is sluggish!

its a fresh install, its the 64bit 7 ultimate.

The laptop its running on is:

HP G60-445DX notebook pc with the AMD Turion X2 Dual Core 64bit processor, 3GB RAM, 256MB NVIDIA GeFore 8200M G, 320GB HDD. I know the laptop meets the specs, what could be causing it to be sluggish? one example is even with a program already open, it randomly freezes for a few mins then frees up again. I keep it clean with Tune Up Utilities 2013. Any suggestions?

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There are SO many things that could be the cause that trying to find the right one on the start would be very unlikely. You would need to run lots of checkers, cleaners, sweepers, scanners, even before getting down to the problem. It might be something serious and it might be something as simple as a faulty mouse. (I'm not kidding about the mouse).

Try Microsoft's suggetstions first:
Optimize Windows 7 for better performance

Then go to the last link on that page where it says:
For even more advice, see Ways to improve your computer's performance and try those too.

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Did this recently start say after doing a cleanup? You need to be careful with cleanup and tuneup programs it's easy to get in trouble with them. You said it's a fresh install. Is it a clean install or an upgrade/repair install?

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