Help needed to active upgrade to windows 7


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I just purchased windows 7 home premium upgrade, and i must have done some foolish mistake and this is how it started. I put in my toshiba recovry cd in because i recall the guy at staples saying i have to formart my hard drive, so i did so. Than once completed, i had no operating system, so i loaded the 32 bit cd and installed that, not knowing i need a genuine copy of xp to activate windows 7. Now i have less than 30 days to activate windows 7 without the ability to reinstall my old xp recovery cd. I got no idea what to do or what i did ? I was hoping you fine folks could set me in the right dirrection. ..... I feel like i wasted $140 because it won't work. but so far on this trail or what ever, I <3 windows 7.


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i'm pretty sure the new os overwritted everything on my laptop because it won't load it says loading ramdisk imagage and just pauses and doesn't load the screan it used to. it just turns off my laptop


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Try this, by the sounds of things you have nothing more to lose! Boot up Windows 7 to the desktop, put in your Windows 7 upgrade disc, and tell it to upgrade. I know you'll be upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 7, but try it anyway. It worked for me with the student discount version!



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Thomas is right, no need to format the drive

Windows installation will do that for you

PS,,.,.Don't listen to anything HP tells you, I know first hand