Help needed with making new system disk on new SSD


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I have bought a 500GB SSD to be the system disk on my old PC. The HDD that is now the C: drive will hold user files, not windows system files in future. I have read up on installing Windows on a new drive and I have one question: at what stage in the installation of Windows does the new SSD become the C: drive and what drive letter will the current C: drive get?
The PC has drives C: (system disk), D: (user files), E: (DVD drive), F: (user files) just now.

I will be doing a clean install, without any of the applications currently installed. I will then install the applications I need. That is because these days the PC's C: drive is at 100% for the first half hour after booting or de-hibernating. I think some installed applications are contributing to this.

So I will create the installation on USB stick, plug in the SSD, boot to the USB stick and continue with the installation. At some point does the SSD become drive C and the old drive C become some other drive letter?


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Drive letters are logically assigned at boot and are not really relevant. I would unplug the HDD and install Windows on the SSD. Then attach the HDD and either copy data over to the SSD temporarily or back up the data, wipe the HDD and reformat it to remove the unneeded partitions and then you can move all of your data there and point your profile data folders (Documents, Downloads, Pictures etc) to the HDD data drive.