Help networking new PC(Win7), with old PC(Win7), and laptop(Vista).

First off, thanks for looking in here...

I've searched everywhere, been at it forever it seems, and I'm just stumped.

I bought a new PC to replace and older PC. Trying to get everything transferred to new PC(NPC) from old PC(OPC), going at it via FTP. Now for the problem.

I've setup a network with new PC and I'm able to see it with laptop and old PC. Which is funny since only the laptop and NPC were on the same network. The OPC was on the old network, yet both the laptop and NPC were able to see the shared folders. Weird I thought, but figured that would make it easier, but alas it did not which is why I'm here. :(

Okay now I have all 3 computers on the same network, and I can see all the shared folders, but I only have access to the old shared folders, and the public shared folders. The new folders I'm trying to share in the NPC are visible, but not accessible. The error I'm getting is "Windows cannot access \\*PCNAME\*Foldername . Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. To try to identify and resolve network problem, click Diagnose." I've been around a while and figured hitting Diagnose wouldn't do anything, but had to hit it to be sure, and of course, nothing happened.

  • All 3 PCs on same network
  • I can see the shared folders as soon as I create them and hit refresh
  • Only original shared folders on OPC are accessible, plus new public shared folders

Any help would be much appreciated. Any questions you have, let me know as I'll be around a while longer to try and get this sorted. I was thinking of just removing all shared folders from all PCs, renaming workgroup to something completely different, and starting from the beginning, but I'll wait to see if there's a simpler solution.

Thanks again


For anyone interested, I figured it out last night. :D

I kept looking at the sharing tab, and the problem was in the security tab. I finally got it, when I found a post somewhere about listing and (unshare) folders in Windows 7. If you go into Computer Management/Shares and right click the folder you're trying to share and hit properties, you can see who has access to it, and then add the individuals there or Everyone. Although I added Everyone when I originally shared the folders, I'm going to assume that this is the security tab part of sharing. How I came to that conclusion is that, right click-properties worked on my OPC which is Win7Ultimate, but right click does not bring up properties option on Windows Vista (laptop) or Win 7 Home Premium (NPC). So I kept snooping around on the system, added "Everyone" to the security tab, and voila. Hope I explained that in some sort of understandable fashion, and hope it helps at least one more person. Nice forums btw, and I'm sure I'll be lurking around. :cool:

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