help no cd rom device found

hi guys, i have no cd rom devices found on my installation.,
i have tried the regedit hack found on the internet for vista (this is the windows 7 RC im using) which was to delete the upper and lower filters in the cde rom registry then reboot, but this has no effect.
windows 7 does not recognise any cd rom device exists in device manager, disk management, devices or printers but is listed in the registry when i use regedit. also in xp mode there is a cd rom drive found in my computer making me suspect its a driver issue for windows 7 (to be expected on an RC). i am using the RC as a primary install now due to vista being so bad is there any known work around or alternate generic divers i could use please
my device is a lite-on lh-20a1h and i am using 64-bit windows 7 ultimate RC?

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