Windows 7 Help!!!!!!!no sound????????????????


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I just upgraded my system to w7 and oddly my sound isnt working it appears as if it were working perfectly i checked drivers and it claims the device is working 100% percent fine.............which is make me come to a conclussion; Windows 7 is secretly using another sort of wavelength to communicate to consumer or THEIR IS NO SOUND COMING OUT OF MY LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!!!
HELP ME!!!!!!:eek::eek::eek:
Just to let u know just because it says it is working doesnt mean it is. The driver can still be corrupt and windows 7 just doesn't recognize. I am going to guess that u need to find a driver that is compatible with windows VISTA at least.
Delete your sound device and then rescan for changes. See if that gets your sound to work. You can look in the control panel at the "Sounds" category and if under devices it tells you that you have no devices installed, that is the problem. When you rescan the sound chip will be detected and in my case installs correctely--until the next reboot that is.