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When the public beta program first starts, a version is released that has been extensively tested and determined to be stable enough for the general public to start testing. This first version (In this case v. 7000) is used as the base code for all of the bug reporting and feedback until the next official version is released.

With Windows 7, it has already been publically stated that the next official beta version will the RC (Release Candidate).

As the beta progresses and bugs are reported, interim, internal builds are created and specific testing scenarios are created to test fixes for reported bugs and requested changes (from v. 7000) that have been added to the core code of the operating system in these interim builds.

These interim builds are distributed internally and to third party partner ISVs, IHVs, around the world that they use to test their products for compatibility. During this process, one of these interim versions may be leaked and end up on a torrent site where anyone can download it.

These leaked versions were never intended to be publically available and are only meant to be used for the specific testing scenarios that I mentioned before.

Of course, these leaked versions will also contain all of the updates to the code and existing features that have been added as part of the normal beta process.

These official Windows 7 support forums are focused on the official beta version, (v. 7000) and any feedback or bug reports posted here are assumed to have come from this official version. This version is still the only viable build for bug reporting.

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You've got a point there but some people such as myself and the thousands of people downloading the later builds after 7000 off the torrents want to follow the beta all the way and have the latest versions. I guess this isn't always a good thing as my build 7077 has just messed up some of my mp3's of which i have made a thread about but I can understand if there is no support on this issue as the Public beta 7000 didn't have this problem. I guess its just awesome to stay up to date but not so awesome when its a beta if you know what I mean