Help! Outlook 2007 & uac administrator privileges

Okay... I thought I was tad bit smarter than what I am finding out. I am desperately hoping someone can help me out.


1) Can someone tell me how to disable my UAC Administrator? I am the only person who uses my computer and I am frustrated with constantly having that stupid "You Need Permission" sign pop up every time I download an MP3 or try to change a program. I tried googling it and found instructions from a C prompt but I am still getting used to this system and am honestly not sure how to get there. I sound really stupid for asking that but this is an entirely new system for me and it's like having to learn greek all over again. I wish I had my XP back! :(

2) RE: OUTLOOK 2007.

Recently, it began acting up, leaving me to wonder if I had a virus but everything checks out. When I reply to someone's email message OR if I create a new email message, here's what happens: A new message box pops up like normal BUT the entire top portion of it (the TO/FROM/SUBJECT) is missing - gone. I have to close out that new message and re-do it and it works then. But this is very odd behavior and it makes me extemely nervous. Has anyone encountered this problem?

3) RE: OUTLOOK 2007 (again)

When I close out Outlook (either via the red X or officially through the "exit" from the toolbar), it continues to check for messages. IOW, it never really closes. Again, I googled this and found that it could be a part of the "add-in" function that is under the Tools/Trust area. It recommended I check to see if one of the add-ins could be adding to this problem. However, the problem with that was when I tried to uncheck any of the boxes, guess what popped up? You got it - the stupid "YOU NEED PERMISSION" box! ARRGH!!! :mad: Furthermore, I didn't know what to uncheck as I was unfamiliar with some of the items. However, even if I could uncheck any of the items, I wouldn't know which one to uncheck as I'm unfamiliar with what they are. LOL! :redface:

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for any and all help you can provide.


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Ifyou go into your users account you can set it as to where it won't ask you permission. as for your second problem you might download malwarebytes and scan for virus's. If you can't find any put the disk for Outlook 2007 in and if not mistaken there is an option to repair it. That might do the trick.

For your third problem you can go in check your settings as to how often it will check for sending and receiving. Go to tools and options/mail setup and you should find what you are looking for. Hope that this helps.


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Thanks for the reply. I neglected to mention that I did already go into the control panel and lowered the notification to the second from the lowest - "don't notify me when I make changes to windows settings." For some reason, it still is not allowing me to make changes. I even tried it on "never notify" as well and still had the same problem. :( There must be another function that I am overlooking (?).

I finally figured out why Outlook kept checking for messages. At your suggestion, I checked the sending and receiving and sure enough - the box was checked to 'check' for messages even when offline. But here's the weird part: I never checked it... and it only began doing this several days ago. Strange. Anyway, do I ever feel like a dork! Thank you.

As for the occasional strange half email messages on the "replies" and "new messages" - I will double check for a virus and malware as you suggest. I really appreciate your help. Now if I can just figure out about the UAC I'll be a much happier camper. Thanks again!


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I am glad that one of the problems is solved. This is also just a guess but try doing a repair with Win 7 disk. I don't know if it would work but it just might help with UAC control.

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