help Partition magic 8 problem

i installed an old partition program called partiton magic 8 without knowing the specs anyhow i installed the program when i tried run it it sjowed an error.I thought of changing the compatibility settings i set it to xp mode and then tried to run it again some error came but after a while i had a blue screen and sytem had a reboot and when i opened the explorer i was missing a drive 116gb.plz help!!!!!

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That version does not work on Windows 7. Unfortunately, it messed everything up on you.

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yeah i knw thts y am asking for help plz am all messed up


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Yup looks like either a system restore or a new installation of windows is on the cards.. Can you post your system specification?

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Yeah, new installation needed if you used it to alter the drive/partition where Windows was installed to.

If I say something is messed up of the forum here, what I really mean is it's unrecoverable without going to extreme lengths. If you need data off it, there's a good chance. Windows would not work well again though at all, without clean install.

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yup sure i have windows 7 professional and 320gb hdd ang 2gb ram.And heres the screen shot from the disk management


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no windows is running fine but only one of paritions not there

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as you can see on the screen shot 116.9 Gb partition is there but its not showing up on the list of the drives.And i tried using the easeus partition recovery software after the scan was complete it showed the partition with the data but earlier it was F: but now its showing "*:" and i didn't actually understand how to use it.

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and the system is not showing any restore points so......

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i guess there i sno solution huh messed up too bad i guess but still if any your most welcome thk u


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Have you attempted to right click the partition that has no drive letter, from within Disk Management and assign it a drive letter?

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no its 5n dude have been tryin to slove it quite while and have been so desperate so....and no apologies required and yeah i tried it but its not workin thx any way

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