Help People "Real Time"

As part of what we do here on the forums, We help others and come to get our problems sorted.

I have been using a program called TeamViewer for my personal work that I do from Home and at work where I work, We have been using this remote connection software for over 6 month's to physically help people including experts, Beginers or the aged who don't care about learning computers and just want them to work, "TeamViewer" is a free program. These trials have been sussesful to a point we use the software to help those who live too far away to bring in computers to the workshop, while offering only a standard labour charge.

I was putting this forwed to see if it can help people here on the forums, We only start threads and post replys which at times is confussing to some as sometimes they don't understand what we are saying, Wondering if we cauld use the software here just so we can fix problems in "real time" also members can see what we are doing.

Work website: CST, Computer Support Team | Computer Services, Repairs | Tamworth, NSW
Software Site: TeamViewer Download

I don't want anyone to start using this software as a replacement for the forums, or to start using to help others here untill Administrators say we can, This most likely need to be descussed further at a meeting, But I would be happy to start some service like this.

Just this came to mind the other day.

If you would like more information about it, just email or PM me.


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I have thought about this before but with an alternate service (LogMeIn).

I'll make sure the rest of our staff see this!

(LogMeIn) works too, that's what we use at our lan parties :) Just this Teamviewer IMAO just is a little easier to use. GoToAssist is another one but you have to pay for it, I do believe


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It could certainly bring more traffic to the site and offer a more efficient way of troubleshooting. but it would indefinitely create privacy concerns and other things amongst our users...

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