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I need to know QUICK, if Windows 7 Build 7022 can receive updates from microsoft!!! Or will it not be because it's just a "build" as in an internal build that isn't ment to be tested by the general public!!??!?! I have it and I want to install it but if it can't receive updates than I'll just go with Build 7000!!


as far as I know you cant get updates for 7022. I havent been getting any for the 7000 either I'd run with the first.


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They don't make software updates for daily builds, so no, you won't get OS updates.
You will however get driver updates.

In addition to Drivers (which of course Microsoft will want to release and get tested before the Retail version appears) other updates for Microsoft Products other than the Windows Kernel itself DO function -- or at least they have so far.

If you've got stuff like Microsoft Office, Studio express 2008, Web developer express 2008 , Viso etc etc you'll get updates for these as normal. For example I've just got the Web developer express 2008 SP1 update. I've also had loads of updates for Microsoft office 2007 especially stuff for Outlook (the email client).

I think you'll also get any "Urgent" security fixes if necessary and updates for Microsoft's "Malicious software removal tool".

With the 100,000's if not millions of copies of W7 being used around the world Microsoft won't want these to be used as an easy way of spreading Viruses etc --even if W7 is a beta OS.



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