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I had on my computer Windows Vista from which I did a backup disc before taking off Vista and installing Windows 7.
I cannot get my backup disc to run on Windows 7......please has anyone any suggestions/ I am not a 'computer wizard' so in simple language please!!!


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What process did you use to make the backup disk? When you say "it won't run", do you mean you cannot read the disc in Windows 7?


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Help please!

Hi to everyone, I am new on here and hoping there is someone that could help with a problem I have pleeeaaase!

I have removed Windows Vista from my laptop and installed Windows 7, prior to removing Vista I did a backup disc, it is this disc that I cannot get on to Windows 7, please can anyone give me advice. I am not a 'Computer Wizard' so as simple as poss please.
When I put disc in it comes up on the screen with BD-ROM DRIVE (E:) N360 BACKUP-#1, and says open folder to view,
when I open folder says N360 BACKUP, then says open, all I get is a lot of letters and numbers come up! Cannot seem to run it at please.



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Help please!

Hi everyone, I am new on here, hoping that someone can help me with a problem I have.
Have taken off Windows Vista from laptop, installed Windows 7. Prior to removing Vista I did a backup disc, it is this disc that I cannot get to run on Windows 7.
When I run disc it comes up BD-ROM DRIVE (E:) N360 BACKUP-#1, open folder to view files, when i try to open all I get is N360 BACKUP, OPEN. when I do this I just get a load of letters and numbers and I cannot open it!! Please can any kind soul help....I am going potty!!! Thanks:frown:


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Hi Saltglass

Hi Saltglass
Thanks for reply.
I am very 'green' at this I'm afraid. What I did was put a disc in and just did a back up disc.
No, I cannot open it.
Have I done the back up disc incorrectly.....would'nt surprise me!!!!


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I am guessing you may have (accidently - lol) done it correctly.
Open the Control Panel.
In the first item, System and Security, select "back up your computer"
Select the last option (in blue) "Select another backup to restore files from."

Now point to (find the path) to the DVD device and see what you have.


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Three identical topics is not the best way to get help...

That aside, it looks like you made the backup using Norton360 so you will need to use that program to be able to read the backup. I assume you have already tried this?

When I put disc in it comes up on the screen with ....N360 BACKUP-#1


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I have just made a suggestion in your similar thread which you posted earlier.


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Please do not make multiple requests for help on the same topic as this only adds to confusion and doesn't get your answer any quicker.


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Thanks to each and everyone that answered my 'distress call'. I am going off to try and rescue my backup, will let you know outcome...........if I don't ruin my

Sorry for sending two identical messages, I am still trying to find my way round this site.......won't happen again....I hope.
Thanks again.

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