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    I am in need of help on this machine. It is a custom build with Win7 Enterprise 32bit. Mobo is ECS P4M800PRO-M ver 2.0, Cpu Pentium D 3.0, rma OCZ DDR400 pc3200, Video visiontec HD2600pro apg, hd 300gb maxtor 7200 16 mb sata that is the basics. It has an issue with freeze or lockup require hard reset. It appears random and usually happens when wife is playing stupid games like simple flash games or downloadable games from yahoo etc. The only time I can get it to do it is when trying to install thing like DVD Shrink-it'll lock up each time. I see no BSOD but upon reboot I get a notice of it. It appears to be hardware some how-Ive updated all drivers reseated eveything on the board and installed vanilla todifferent hd and still the problem is there. Any help is greatly appreciated as it will keep her off of my machine

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    Hi and welcome

    This crash was caused by hardware and I would guess the below driver and its app are the cause. It is dated 1996 (yes 1996)

    giveio.sys        0x88e3e000    0x88e3e680    0x00000680    0x316334f5    4/3/1996 22:33:25                        
    I am not able to give very specific fixes because your version is not a standard version from MS that we have the tools (symbols) for. Did you download it or purchase it?

    In the mean time you can read here to see what the hardware error means and what to try. Stop 0x124 - what it means and what to try -

    Let us know if you need further assistance

    Ken J

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