Windows 7 Help please?


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Apr 27, 2013
Sorry I don't know much about computers so I'll try to give you all the info I know. Basically I tried downloading SIMS 2 off utorrent and did so successfully. (I somehow downloaded some program/application thing called privitizeVNN too??) Anyway, all of a sudden I can't open any browsers. I would click on the firefox shortcut and it just won't open, same for internet explorer. I also tried to open control panel and it would open and then become nonresponsive. I would click ctrl+alt+del and it would just go to a black screen with my cursor visible/able to move. I also can't run msconfig. I don't know what to do! Help?

Sounds like you got maleware. A lot of stuff on torrent sites is infected. See if you can boot into safe mode and run a virus scan with your AV program.