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Jun 18, 2011
I have 2 problems that I need help with, first of all I am running windows 7 ultimate 32bit, explorer 9, and everything on my pc is all updated and checked for viruses, addware, spyware, malware, root kits, everything is all clear. okay 1st problem: windows media player 12 just quit working, how do I un-install it so that I can re-install it. 2nd problem: I have to have ctrl-alt-del/ task manager running in the background at all times for my pc to function at all, if its not running in the background nothing will work. nothing is clickable without it running in the background. I have searched all over the net and all kinds of fourms and can't find a solution for my problem, so I am really hoping that you can and will help me please. thank you very much and thank you for your time. Daniel T. Crocker
None of those descriptions are normal behavior of stable system. Sounds like you have some system file corruption or missing system files. Run sfc /scannow in a cmd prompt to check and repair any missing/corrupted system files.

What AV and malware software are you using? What you are describing is a sure sign of a Virus/malware infection, maybe buried deep in the kernal or registry. Did you run full scans and in safemode?
You might also check your Event Viewer to see if any error messages are showing up in the logs.

Hopefully, the System File Checker will find the problem, but if it doesn't perhaps some service or services are not starting until Task Manager is started.
sfc / scannaw did not find anything wrong, I am running microsoft antivirus and I am using antimalwarebytes and superantispyware pro,tuneup utilites 2013, ccleaner, window washer, fix my registry, windows defender. and also made full scans in safe mode, nothing shows up. I even went so far as to wipe my hard drive and that did'nt fix it either, I'm starting to think that my windows cd is corrupt.
can you please tell me what event viewer is, thx very much.
Use the start menu search box and type eventvwr.msc and hit enter to start it up. Then look at the view with Event Viewer (Local) highlighted. You should see a list of Critical/Error/Warning/etc.

Check the Critical and Error messages for anything, and especially is there are many instances of certain types. Click the + to expand the listing. Double click the specific error to get an expanded info window. Let us know if you see anything.

If there is nothing in the first two, look for some warning messages. I will assume you will have quite a few.

You can also click the white flag and open the Action Center. There may be some messages there.
My guess would be your registry has got some missing or corrupt strings using those registry cleaners. They tend to do more harm than good.

What does wipe your drive mean? Does that mean you did a clean install of your OS?
there is only 9 critical event 41, called Kernal-Power that says the system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first, this error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly. and now I am getting alot of application errors also.
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I have did all that you have asked and I am still have the same problem, I even cleared the cmos and flashed the bios. I also booted up without the video and sound cards installed, also did a memory check so its not a hardware problem. so I'm thinking its a currupt os disk. what else can I check to find out what is causing me to have to have task manager running in the background?
The kernel power errors will show up anything the system shuts down unexpectedly, but probably not the cause. do you show any of the application errors occurring around the time the system has a problem? If not, pick the one with the most events and post the information about the error, and we need the details, such as any GUID numbers.

If you are getting actual Blue Screens, check the stcky in the BSOD forum to see what you might need to recover a .dmp file for someone to check.
Where did you get your copy of windows 7 install media?
no bsods and the only time that I have to have taskmanager running in the background is when I re-boot my pc.
a friend of mine gave it to me, he bought several for his workplace. all with coas.