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Dear All,

I have an issue with windows 10 .I have upgraded to windows 10 from windows 8.1. After Upgraded only im facing these kind of issue

.Details :

When i right click any of the file or if i copy - paste any of the file - if i double click any of the installed app icons ,the file will go to recycle bin .
Folders just get automatically deleted

Error shows

2 uninterrupted actions :

Could not find this item ...


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Are there programs/adds left over from the 8.1 upgrade i.e. WinHotKey?
If so I would suggest reinstalling Windows from All Settings - Update and Security - System Restore without leaving / saving anything
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Screenshots would help. Start with what you see when you return to your computer in the morning, then show what you do and the results.

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I would suggest booting to safe mode. If the behavior is gone then it's either software or malware.