HELP! Regarding deleting a W8 VHD that I think I did wrong.

jury foreman

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Hi guys,
I thought I'd give the W8 consumer preview a go, not being that tech savvy (I'm not computer illiterate though) I think I've messed it up a bit.

Now I want the space back, but CAN'T find the VHD partition in DISK MANAGEMENT on W7, but I CAN on W8.

I've added print screens from both W7 and W8, the darker bars are W7, lighter W8.

Obviously I can't delete the VHD inside of W8 and can't delete it in W7 either, I'm lost.

Either way, any help you guys can offer would be great, my laptop has been running slow lately so I decided to have a clean up, so far I've un-installed about four programs before trying to figure what's happened here for the past three hours.

Cheers guys,

[EDIT] The 35GB partition on the W8 picture is the one that I want to reclaim. Such a noob at forums.


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Joe S

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First in Windows 7 Disk Management try attaching the disk and see if it shows then. Where did you create the VHD? I just made a file on C in Windows 7 and created it there. It was easy to find and delete.


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I don't know a lot about VHDs, but if you want to delete it, can you right click the left end of the VHD row in Disk Management and select Detach?

Are there any other options in the Actions menu in Disk Management, such as undoing a VHD setup?